Le préquel de Harry Potter rédigé sur une carte par J.K. Rowling a été volé !

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Les écrits originaux de J.K. Rowling, en particulier quand cela concerne Harry Potter sont très précieux. Il n'est donc pas surprenant qu'ils soient considérés comme des objets de très grande valeur et soient victimes de vols. 

C'était déjà arrivé il y a quelques temps, un exemplaire dédicacé de la main de l'auteur des Reliques de la Mort avait été dérobé, mais cette fois, le vol est encore plus grave ! 

Un préquel manuscrit volé, la police et Rowling appellent à la vigilance 

C'est en effet une histoire manuscrite par J.K. Rowling elle-même qui a été dérobée. Un récit de 800 mots écrit sur les deux faces d'une carte postale A5 dans le cadre d'une vente aux enchères caritative pour l'association English Pen (qui protège les auteurs). L'oeuvre avait été vendue pour 25 000 livres (près de 30 000 euros) en 2008 et a été malheureusement volée il y a quelques jours.  

  La police de West Midlands a lancé sur Twitter, un appel à l'aide envers les fans. 

"Nous demandons aux fans de Harry Potter de nous aider à partager cette annonce : un rare préquel de Harry Potter écrit par J.K Rowling a été volé"

"L'histoire, rédigée en personne par J.K. Rowling sur les deux faces d'une carte postale A5 est d'une très grande valeur et a été dérobée durant un cambriolage à Kings Heath."

En effet, il y a de fortes chances pour que l'écrit se retrouve en vente sur Internet à prix d'or, la mission des Potterhead sera d'ouvrir les yeux et de prévenir la police s'ils tombent sur l'annonce de ce préquel volé. "Les seuls personnes susceptibles d'acheter cette pièce unique sont des fans de Harry Potter. Nous appelons toute personne qui voit ou à qui l'on propose cet objet de contacter la police.

Un appel bien entendu soutenu et relayé par l'auteure elle-même.  

 "NE L'ACHETEZ PAS SI ON VOUS LE PROPOSE S'IL VOUS PLAIT. A l'origine, il a été mis aux enchères pour English Pen, l'acheteur supportait la liberté des auteurs en participant à l'enchère." 


Le préquel en question racontait une brève aventure de James Potter et Sirius Black dans leurs jeunes années. Les deux amis sont pris en chasse par une voiture de police (moldue) sur la moto de Sirius et finissent par s'en sortir en enfreignant complètement le Code International du Secret Magique. 

Potterhead, vous savez ce qu'il vous reste à faire ! 

Une erreur ?

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Commentaires (10)

Par Frodon, il y a 2 ans :

Quelle idée de voler un truc pareil, c'est pas discret

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Par Neyeza, il y a 2 ans :

Le voleur n'est sans aucun doute VOLdemort.

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Par MrsFrozen, il y a 2 ans (en réponse à Neyeza):

Ecris pas son nom ca porte malheur

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Par Thechemicalmen, il y a 2 ans :


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Par guigui, il y a 2 ans :

C'est pas parce qu'on achete ca qu'on est fan de Potter.

c'est pas parce que les riches achètent des tableaux qu'ils aiment l'art... On appelle ca de l'investissement ^^

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Par oups, il y a 2 ans (en réponse à guigui):

de l'optimisation fiscale en faite...

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Par matrix75, il y a 2 ans via l'application Hitek :

je pense que si un fan tombe sur l'annonce il va plutôt l'acheter au lieu de prévenir la police

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Par psychosophe, il y a 2 ans :

En Français il est conseillé d'utiliser le mot préquelle (fém.)

Sinon, le texte pour éviter de se tuer les yeux à déchiffrer :

The Harry Potter Prequel, by JK Rowling
The speeding motorcycle took the sharp corner so fast in the darkness that both policemen in the pursuing car shouted ‘whoa!’ Sergeant Fisher slammed his large foot on the brake, thinking that the boy who was riding pillion was sure to be flung under his wheels; however, the motorbike made the turn without unseating either of its riders, and with a wink of its red tail light, vanished up the narrow side street.

‘We’ve got ‘em now!” cried PC Anderson excitedly. ‘That’s a dead end!”

Leaning hard on the steering wheel and crashing his gears, Fisher scraped half the paint off the flank of the car as he forced it up the alleyway in pursuit.

There in the headlights sat their quarry, stationary at last after a quarter of an hour’s chase. The two riders were trapped between a towering brick wall and the police car, which was now crashing towards them like some growling, luminous-eyed predator.

There was so little space between the car doors and the walls of the alley that Fisher and Anderson had difficulty extricating themselves from the vehicle. It injured their dignity to have to inch, crab-like, towards the miscreants. Fisher dragged his generous belly along the wall, tearing buttons off his shirt as he went, and finally snapping off the wing mirror with his backside.[tagbox tag="Harry Potter"]

‘Get off the bike!’ he bellowed at the smirking youths, who sat basking in the flashing blue light as though enjoying it.

They did as they were told. Finally pulling free from the broken wind mirror, Fisher glared at them. They seemed to be in their late teens. The one who had been driving had long black hair; his insolent good looks reminded Fisher unpleasantly of his daughter’s guitar-playing, layabout boyfriend. The second boy also had black hair, though his was short and stuck up in all directions; he wore glasses and a broad grin. Both were dressed in T-shirts emblazoned with a large golden bird; the emblem, no doubt, of some deafening, tuneless rock band.

‘No helmets!’ Fisher yelled, pointing from one uncovered head to the other. ‘Exceeding the speed limit by – by a considerable amount!’ (In fact, the speed registered had been greater than Fisher was prepared to accept that any motorcycle could travel.) ‘Failing to stop for the police!’
We’d have loved to stop for a chat,’ said the boy in glasses, ‘only we were trying -’

‘Don’t get smart – you two are in a heap of trouble!’ snarled Anderson. ‘Names!’

‘Names?’ repeated the long-haired driver. ‘Er – well, let’s see. There’s Wilberforce… Bathsheba… Elvendork…’

‘And what’s nice about that one is, you can use it for a boy or a girl,’ said the boy in glasses.

‘Oh, OUR names, did you mean?’ asked the first, as Anderson spluttered with rage. ‘You should’ve said! This here is James Potter, and I’m Sirius Black!’

‘Things’ll be seriously black for you in a minute, you cheeky little -’

But neither James nor Sirius was paying attention. They were suddenly as alert as gundogs, staring past Fisher and Anderson, over the roof of the police car, at the dark mouth of the alley. Then, with identical fluid movements, they reached into their back pockets.

For the space of a heartbeat both policemen imagined guns gleaming at them, but a second later they saw that the motorcyclists had drawn nothing more than -

‘Drumsticks?’ jeered Anderson. ‘Right pair of jokers, aren’t you? Right, we’re arresting you on a charge of -’

But Anderson never got to name the charge. James and Sirius had shouted something incomprehensible, and the beams from the headlights had moved.

The policemen wheeled around, then staggered backwards. Three men were flying – actually FLYING – up the alley on broomsticks – and at the same moment, the police car was rearing up on its back wheels.

Fisher’s knees bucked; he sat down hard; Anderson tripped over Fisher’s legs and fell on top of him, as FLUMP – BANG – CRUNCH – they heard the men on brooms slam into the upended car and fall, apparently insensible, to the ground, while broken bits of broomstick clattered down around them.

The motorbike had roared into life again. His mouth hanging open, Fisher mustered the strength to look back at the two teenagers.

‘Thanks very much!’ called Sirius over the throb of the engine. ‘We owe you one!’

‘Yeah, nice meeting you!’ said James. ‘And don’t forget: Elvendork! It’s unisex!’

There was an earth-shattering crash, and Fisher and Anderson threw their arms around each other in fright; their car had just fallen back to the ground. Now it was the motorcycle’s turn to rear. Before the policemen’s disbelieving eyes, it took off into the air: James and Sirius zoomed away into the night sky, their tail light twinkling behind them like a vanishing ruby.

What did you think? Who do you think the guys in the alley were? Why were James and Sirius trying to go so fast on their bikes? So many questions!

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Par psychosophe, il y a 2 ans (en réponse à psychosophe):

(sans les deux dernières lignes, évidemment. Je l'ai vu trop tard pour éditer)

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Par X, il y a 2 ans (en réponse à psychosophe):

Et la traduction pour ceux qui parlent pas anglais

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